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About The Living Pages (TLP) is a community centered site where small businesses, people and good deeds are celebrated daily.
Our mission: Make Supporting Local Easy


Want to connect and share your local story with other Las Vegans? Create a profile, add your status updates, pictures, videos, events and let’s get LIVE together


We select topics that are reflect the Las Vegas scene from a local’s heart. Want to know what’s affecting our community? How are our hospitals performing? Are we safe? Which non-profit organization is making a difference? Get all the answers you’re looking for or submit your own queries:

Local Businesses

How easy is it to support local businesses? It’s as easy as this: Visit the Local Business section on TheLivingPages and find TLP Certified Locally Owned Businesses. By purchasing from TLP Local Businesses, you are making a conscious effort to empower the local economy.


Saving Money is everyone’s “thing”. Find Local Deals you can actually use provided by participating TLP Local Businesses.


Sure, we love a good celebrity studded event on the strip! But what about the startup Indie Band performing in a small coffee shop downtown? The business event that can help your business and professional network grow? How about the next charity run? Find them on our local calendar and use your TLP Social profile to add your own! We want to attend them all!

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